proCAM videos

Help with videos

The videos can be watched in the miniscreens below, but for a better experience try the following:

Start the video, then click the full screen option - bottom right hand corner. Then set the quality to HD using the cog shaped settings button.

The videos have closed captioning which you can select using the button to the left of the cog. You can then choose for the captions to be translated into the language of your choice.

Introduction to proCAM

This first video describes the structure of
proCAM and the way data is stored.

proCAM Mobile

proCAM Mobile is the Android tablet app which partners the PC based proCAM database.

This video demonstrates how it is used.


Download proCAM

This video describes how to download and install proCAM.

The download process is described on the download web page, where you also can download a pdf manual.

Importing spreadsheets

A considerable amount of data is acquired using spreadsheets, whether from importing business cards using a card scanner or smartphone, or supplied by a tradeshow organiser.

proCAM has a 'hands on' import procedure, incorporating many checks to minimise the risk of importing duplicate or erroneous data.

Importing spreadsheets is therefore a key feature of proCAM.

There is a detailed manual on this feature in the manuals folder created when you download
proCAM and also on the download page.

Admin Functions

This video looks at backups and restore, password management and relocating people.

A detailed manual on this feature is provided in the manuals folder and on the download page.