The initial download allows for a 30 day free trial, all features are enabled. After 30 days a licence must be purchased or the database becomes read only.

The licence is NZ$745 +GST per annum.

GST is 15% for use in New Zealand. Overseas (i.e. not used in New Zealand) installation is zero rated.

The annual licence ensures that features are constantly added and updated to take advantage of future developments in the Office and Access environments. For example, web based access (to enable iPAD access for example) and cloud storage are in the development pipeline.
Licence covers:
  • Access to all upgrades issued during the licence period. Upgrades will consist of bug fixes and improvements
  • Telephone support via Skype - as much as you need during normal NZ working hours
  • Email support as required
  • Access to the proCAM wiki community site
Licence procedures:
The licence is controlled through encrypted data held in the database. This contains the name of the company and the date the licence expires.

When the licence expires the database becomes read only, so you can still access your data!
Payment can be made through Paypal. Please use the Contact form to contact us initially.