proCAM mobile
Mobile demonstration

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proCAM mobile

Capturing data quickly and accurately is the most important requirement of a database solution, and proCAM mobile has been created to do just that.

Designed for Android devices, it works perfectly on Google's Nexus 7 and bluetooth keyboard combination.

A neat and unobtrusive way of capturing data during a show or during a meeting with your contact without the use of scribbled notes on paper which have to be subsequently deciphered and processed.

Data is entered, a picture can be taken and the data emailed back to your specified e-mail address in spreadsheet form, ready to load directly into the proCAM database.

Contact and appointment data for a show can be preloaded, both from the show attendee list and also from an export from your proCAM data, so basic information along with contact history can be accessed with a simple search.

Notes and action data are input for subsequent processing in your main proCAM database.

Nexus 7 and keyboard

Folds flat, perfect for carrying in your pocket or handbag.

The first release of proCAM mobile is designed around the 7" Android tablet platform.

It will also work on larger Android tablets or even a mobile phone, but a version optimised for the smaller format phone is in the pipeline.