Introduction to proCAM

Watch the Introduction video here


Tourism specific

The main differentiator between proCAM and off the shelf CRMs is that the data fields and database organisation has been specifically designed for the Tourism industry, and therefore directly useable by the industry without modification..... Read more

Company details

The company details form contains the general details about each company along with the office, people who work for them and so on....Read more

Contact details

The contact form contains all the details about each contact plus notes about meetings, actions and so on.

Contacts in the Tourism sector leave a company, and then sometime later join another. So contacts are never deleted, but closed, and can be reopened when they join another company so the data isn't lost, but maintained on the History tab.

Search your data

Comprehensive searching of your data, for finding individual contacts or companies, and for that elusive "Now who did I see at that Trade Show last year?"

Searches can be made from part of a company name, person name, or search every field in the database.

Analyse your data

If you can extract a spreadsheet from your booking engine you can then load the data into the database using the import routines and then analyse the data by company.

These then form a useful basis for discussions with agents.

Secure your data

Comprehensive multi level line-heissword access ensures the security of your valuable data. Access can also be controlled by processor, so if you have several PCs on a network, only the ones you want can access the data.

A simple to use backup and restore routine means that the database can be secured before a major update, for example.

Import your data

A considerable amount of contact data is maintained, acquired or created in spreadsheet form.

Comprehensive spreadsheet import routines ensure the data can be simply and accurately imported to ensure the integrity of your data, to avoid duplicate records and bad data from being created.