Installation and system requirements

proCAM can be run on any computer capable of installing MS Access 2013.

The initial download below allows for a 30 day free trial, after which period you need to purchase a licence.

Watch a video demonstrating the proCAM download and installation process.

Download demonstration video
Installation instructions
1. Install Access 2013

You can download a free run time only version (only works with existing databases such as
proCAM) here:

Microsoft also now will rent you their software on a monthly basis. If you use MS Office and have a pre 2013 version, it is worth investigating. Office_365

2. Download proCAM

You may be warned about downloading a .exe file - I promise it is safe to do so!
The file is a 7-zip self extracting archive, so you don't need any unloading software.

3. Install
  • create a new folder to run proCAM from
  • move deliverable.exe into it
  • double click on deliverable.exe - it is a self extracting zip file
  • the demo database will be extracted along with the required subfolders
  • pdf manuals are in the new folder manuals
Quick start guide
  • Open the folder you created and find the file 'proCAM_vXX.accde'.
  • Double click on this file and the demonstration database will open.
  • Or, you can right click on this file and choose the option 'Create shortcut'. You can then place a shortcut right on your desktop.
  • The first time the database is run, two extra processes happen:
    • proCAM will ask to be directed to the database files (it won't know what you named the first folder). Direct it to the folder 'DB_data_files' which has been automatically created by the extraction process. In this folder you will find a file 'Database_data_files.accde'. Double click on this file and proCAM is almost ready to go.
    • access is controlled to permitted processors. Enter the password 'admin' and then add your processor. Click close to implement the addition and restart the database.
  • One user has been created called 'admin'. Enter this into the password box and click enter. The menu form now opens and you have full access to the database. Make yourself at home, feel free to look around.
  • A couple of records have been created so you have something to look at straight away. There also some sample spreadsheets to import in the 'Sample data' folder to show how the import routines work.
  • The Demo database is limited to 30 days after which it becomes read only. Other than that all features are fully available.
  • To use the database beyond 30 days you need to purchase a licence.
Download manuals
The following manuals provide for a deeper understanding of proCAM
The latest versions are included automatically as part of the download.

Quick start guide

User guide

Importing spreadsheets

Admin user guide