simply manage your tourism contacts

Keeping your data safe and maximising its value

A tourist business’ trade and media contact database is its most valuable intangible asset.
Is yours protected from inadvertant corruption - mis-sorting a spreadsheet table or computer failure?

Contacts represent real financial value

What does each contact cost to acquire? A trade show could be $200 an appointment, overseas visits much more.
Would your competitor give you their contact list for free? Hard to identify a $value but you know what it is worth.
Your trade contacts are your most valuable tangible asset – they reflect the goodwill in the business.
If they were valued in dollars you would lock them in the safe – or better still put them in the bank.
You wouldn’t store them as piles of coins on your desk like a series of Excel sheets now would you?

Take control of your contact data

Having a great contact list is one thing – using it is another.
Take control of your data:
  • Send targetted communications
  • Track ROI on bookings against marketing investment
  • Track ROI on trade shows and sales calls
  • Track commission rates and specially negotiated packages
  • Get a return on investment for attending trade shows and sales calls
  • Update information as people move around the industry
  • Source notes and reminders relating to individuals or companies
  • Answer those troublesome memory loss questions – who asked me about ….?

Losing sleep about the security of your data?

  • The living nightmare of a mis-sorted Excel sheet unraveling before your eyes
  • Or just the hours sent searching Excel sheets for a contact name
  • Or even finding where you filed the Excel sheet
  • Changing or updating information incorrectly
  • Losing your laptop
  • Handing over when you move on
It really shouldn’t be what keeps you awake at night. It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Tourism is moving from mass to granular marketing

...and so should a tourism business when they market to their contacts – it’s more cost efficient and effective.

Do you have the tools you need – do you have a tailor made database?